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Type: Commercial
City: Alva
Price: $2,000,000

Type: Residential
City: Alva
Price: $215,000

Type: Residential
City: Alva
Price: $110,000

Type: Residential
City: Alva
Price: $115,000

Type: Residential
City: Alva
Price: $145,000
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Cris Campbell Realty (Formerly Pat White Realty) began in May 2017.   Cris has worked with Pat White for the past few years and would like to continue the same full wrap around service people need when buying or selling a home.   

Call us and let us help you find and buy the house you deserve.  With interest rates still low, and a volatile market, our advice is to "Bat for the fences!"   As experienced Real Estate professionals we can help you find the best buy for your housing dollar, and we work with several lenders who can offer amazing deals. 

Our goal is to provide you a service where you have a partner working for your best interest in buying or selling a home.  We will not hide facts from you and we will work hard to find you the best deal possible.  In a small community all you have is your reputation and we strive to make Cris Campbell Realty a name you can trust that provides a service you can depend upon.

As an agency that prides itself on wrap around service, we never consider our job complete at signing a contract.  We stay with you all the way until closing,.  Forming a bond of trust and reliability is our objective, and it is common for clients to call asking where to find specific services.  Just keep in mind, if you see a house you like, CALL CRIS CAMPBELL REALTY, and let us take it from there.  580-327-4337  TEXT 580-732-0422

** Special Thanks to Candi at Day One Websites.    She is AMAZING!  **

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