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Pat White
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Pat White has been helping families buy and sell real estate in Alva Oklahoma for the past 40 years.  She started selling at Johnson's Insurance, and in 1980 opened her own office at 519 1/2 Barnes.  In late 2013 Pat agreed to take on a new Sales Associate, Cris Campbell, with the idea he would get his Broker's License and take over the business.  In the meantime, Pat would show Cris all she could on how to best serve a community.

In late 2016 Pat began talking to Cris about handing over the title of Principal Broker, the process should complete in June 2017.   However, Pat still plans to come to work each day and continue to help families as they buy and sell the biggest investments of their lives.   Feel free to drop in and say hi to Pat, and never hesitate to call her if you need to buy or sell a home.   Nothing beats experience.